Life on the road

Wild trips away make it harder to return to so called ordinary life.

After the most random, unexpectedly sociable, ace, climbing road trip with Marianne, despite the climbing, thanks to the best people, I spent the last night holed up in my van by a river.

To recover.

Cosy and quiet.

Before a day at work.

Until the dustbin men came round before first light. Keen noisy fuckers.

I could have driven home, but part of the joy is surely to live on the road a little bit.

I like driving. A lot. Guiltily for the climate.

Living life on the move brings almost endless potential and possibilities.

(That’s not my photo- wish it was – credit embedded. Lot of hidden credit about these days).

Living life on the edge of things. No set Menu as it were.

Getting the balance between quality alone time and enjoying company with ace folk. Often unexpectedly.

I like a plan, but maybe better sometimes to just go with fluid dynamics.

Although random can be unexpectedly hard.

But sometimes it’s also unexpectedly amazing to share star watching or squeakage.

The people who don’t quite fit the boxes and won’t wear the labels are the best kind of folk. My tribe.

This weekend there was wet rock, earlier than optimal darkness and lobbage, mixed in with shooting stars.

Not all very sensible.


Last week I got to hear first hand some exploits and adventures of some climbing pioneers. Not all planned. Inspired. Like the painting.

As well as causing a wet seat of pants moment. Which didn’t prevent Julian putting in an impressive route tick when I ran out of brave beans. There was no getaway car this time, but a bookworthy motorbike story.

I’ve got to climb and hang out with some pretty cool talented folk.

Think I may have used up my responsible person quota this year already at wtf, youth and international meets, and catching various James – and the odd Tim – lobs at Nesscliffe.

Been some very worthy near misses as well as amazing ticks going on. Some unmentionable – but I wasn’t there anyway.

Despite not having found any real form myself yet this year for various mundane reasons, as a consolidation and skills season for climbing and coaching, as well as the hanging out side of things, it has been great. Performance is not everything.

There have been a lot of words elsewhere about youth, international meets and WTF, and anyone interested that I haven’t already bored with stories can just ask, especially if you have a beer in hand, so all I will add is that these things are ace and should be supported if you can, do a Climbing for All course if you get the chance (Jay and Jenny were ace at delivering), even if just for the awareness that something in climbing really is for everyone…

… and maybe if doing Astral Stroll, do an astral projection there first (or send a scout) to check conditions. I blame climate change. Wetter more energetic atmospheric weather, and less useful water.

Currently feeling rather exhausted, through my own fault, and about to have a few more weeks of super exciting expedition type activity, not even all climbing, and that I might survive, so really looking forward to seeing some of you at the other end, likely even more exhausted, but willing to lose more sleep for the right reasons.

Universal truth in the morning. Credit someone unknown who understands.

Tempted to just follow others in running away to the sun for the winter.

Certainly thinking about over winter adventures, training and hanging out. Need a bit to talk about after all.

Ever get the feeling you got on the wrong list?

Exciting Autumn to do first, both sides of a lens, and projector. When they work and has all the right cables that can be ok.

Alos not my photo. Unknown genius.

Luckily I do the kind of job where winning can be the duck race.




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